What kind of legal action is followed in the USA for the patent?

By | June 6, 2019

In America, your inventions, ideas and works of art are protected by patents, royalties, trademarks and trade secrets. For example, you released a game, the original graphics, music, even the software you use in this game is protected by copyright. In such cases lawyers can help you.

Although there is no patent for software only in Europe, there is no obstacle in America. Applications for patent and trademark protection are made to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office – hereinafter referred to as States USPTO Patent). For the codes of computer programs, the copyright protection is registered by the USCO (United States Copyright Office – hereinafter referred to as USCO). The IP (intellectual protection protection) provided by the USPTO and USCO is only valid within the United States.

The patent application is examined by USPTO for a total of 4 years, the trademark registration is between 6 months to one year, while the copyright registration is 8 months on average for online applications and 13 months for paper applications. Patent protection is the most powerful idea in terms of monopoly provides industrial protection method. This means that the patent allows for 20 years the right to stop your patented invention from being made, used, sold and imported by anyone else within the United States. The copyright on the source and object codes of the software can also be allocated. Copyright entitles the software to be reproduced, published, disseminated, or prohibited from being sold. The copyright protection period on the software is renewed every 14 years, and the life of the author is 70 years. Brand protection provides 10 years of protection and is renewable every 10 years.

Commercial secret protection is differentiated from other methods of protection. There is no formal organization for the registration of trade secret protection. Therefore, the protection does not have a certain period of time. The secret is preserved as long as the secret remains.

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