What is Violence against Women?

By | May 14, 2019

The cases of violence against women, which is shown as one of the biggest problems of our age, is a phenomenon that is frequently experienced in our country and is the subject of news.

In countries where the value of women in society is not accepted and women are put in the second place, it is seen that violence is highly likely to happen to women.

However, violence continues to be the subject of violence against women in countries and societies where human rights and individual freedoms are developed.

As a result of a perception shaped by the social position of people and social consciousness, the cases of violence against women vary from geography to geography. Many civil society organizations want to draw attention to this issue with the campaigns and projects they have prepared in order to decrease and eliminate the violence against women, which is considered as the bleeding wound of the whole world.

There have been many developments both in the cases of violence against women and awareness-raising activities.

You can check the news to see the bad developments and women’s legal processes following the violence. In this way, you can better observe the portrait of the country.

Violence against women, men’s domination and women causing discrimination; it is the visible face of unequal power relations between women and men, which hinder the progress of women.

Violence against women throughout life is mainly due to the harmful effects of cultural models, especially of certain traditional or customary practices. All extreme movements linked to race, sex, language or religion make the low status acceptable to women in the family, at work, in the community and in society.

You can also stand against this situation by getting help from a personal injury lawyer if you or others are exposed to violence.

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