What are the salaries of lawyers in America?

By | May 17, 2019

For every mother and father’s children is the imaginary or lawyer or doctor. Both have a great responsibility, a challenging training process and, most importantly, a huge salary gains for some. When we look at the profession of advocacy, it is undeniable to stand by those who are accused of defending people and to devote their whole career to laws, rights and righteousness.

In this article we will look at how much the salaries of the lawyers and other personal injury lawyers in the United States in 2019.

When we think of the American legal system and the lawyers, we first think of the cool court scenes in the movies, the lawyer’s objections and the attempts to influence the jury.

When we look at the legal sector in the United States, the salary of the coolest lawyers of these cool scenes is in the lips.

According to the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey of the Lawyers in the United States in 2018; The annual average is US $ 120.910 per hour. Of course, these figures vary according to the experience of lawyers, the companies they work with and their titles.

For example, the annual income of a lawyer working at a Milbank in the United States is US $ 250,273, while a lawyer working at Morrison and Foster earns US $ 173,833 a year.

Or, if you work as a General Counsel in a US firm, you can get an average salary of $ 207,000.

Salary differences are observed in the United States according to the states studied.

While the average attorney salary in Houston, Texas with ninety thousand lawyers is US $ 200,868 per year, this figure varies from US $ 115,112 in Los Angeles to 168,745 lawyers. It is observed that the number of lawyers decreases from the average salary and income as the number increases.

It is estimated that the employment of lawyers will increase by 8 per cent faster than the average of all professions from 2016 to 2026. The number of active attorneys in the United States, according to the National Bar Association’s Population Surveys only by the American Bar Association in the last decade, it has increased by 15,2 percent. In this case, competition is expected to be strong for the profession of lawyer in the next 10 years because it is a fact that more students are graduated each year than law school.

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