Right to apply to the Laws of Criminal Trials

By | April 17, 2019

The remedies are divided into two as usual and extraordinary remedies. The appeal of ordinary remedies; the extraordinary remedies can be mentioned as the violation of the benefit of the law, the objection of the chief prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals as a renewal of the proceedings.

In cases where there are errors, inaccuracies in the judgments of the Judges and the Court, everyone has the right to apply for remedies against these decisions.

Those who believe that there are any irregularities in the decisions of the judges or the court, as we have stated, will be able to apply to the law. In this case, personal injury lawyers may be involved.

Very light crime must be free from the liberty of punishment. If the offense is a crime, the offender must not be subject to imprisonment because of the offense.

  • Suspicious
  • The defendant
  • Those who have taken the title in accordance with this Law
  • The decision to participate does not be decided, rejected
  • Those who have suffered a crime due to the title of participant
  • Defendant or proxy
  • Legal representative and spouse of the suspect or accused

1.The right of public prosecutor to apply for remedies:

The Public Prosecutor may apply to the judiciary in favor of the accused and the accused.

2.The right of the suspect to apply for remedies:

The right of access to legal remedies for the suspect is limited only to the investigation stage. Because, as it is known, the suspect takes the title of the accused with the issuance of the indictment. The suspect may use this right in the investigation stage to challenge the protection measures.

In the case of an investigation, the suspect must have the right to appeal against this decision if there is a wrong decision about a person and the decision of no prosecution.

If the decision of the prosecution is not a place where the suspect is legally responsible, the fact that the suspect cannot appeal to this decision will result in the victimization of the person by closing the road.

3.The right of the accused to apply for remedies:

It will be able to appeal against the decisions made during the prosecution phase by making the necessary objections and the decisions against it after the trial is completed. In other words, the accused will not be able to appeal against the decision of acquittal, but it will be able to appeal against the justification of the acquittal decision.

At these stages, personal injury lawyers can assist you and you can obtain the necessary information from them.

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