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By | March 5, 2020

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers

Founded in 1997, Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm serving the community of New Orleans, Louisiana, that has five more offices in the state. The firm takes civil cases, aiming to negotiate a settlement for clients’ injuries and lost wages and, when necessary, litigate the cases in court on their behalf. Attorneys at the firm are associated with the American Association for Justice and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Club.

Brewster Law Firm

The Brewster Law Firm operates within the New Orleans, Louisiana, metro area. It works on cases involving serious personal injury, often helping clients to file lawsuits and defend themselves from retaliation or interference by employers or other parties. This firm is especially interested in clients injured while working on water or at a U.S. military installation. Other common cases involve car accidents and injuries caused by defective products. Brewster Law Firm also assists with cases concerning the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

DiGiulio Utley, LLC

DiGulio Utley LLC is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based law firm offering personal injury-related legal services to clients within the metro area. The firm handles general claims, assisting clients as they prepare a case and attempt to settle with responsible parties for compensation related to suffering caused by the incident. If negotiation yields unsatisfactory results, it is willing to defend the case at trial. DiGiulio Utley LLC also offers criminal defense representation for a several types of offenses.

Garcia & Artigliere

With offices in New Orleans, Louisiana, Garcia & Artigliere are personal injury attorneys that serve clients in Louisiana, California, Florida, and Arizona. Established in 1993, Garcia & Artigliere is a leading personal injury firm that litigates against nursing home abuse, including the physical, sexual, financial, and psychological aspects of elder neglect. The firm also litigates other personal injury cases, including trucking accidents and wrongful death cases, and does not charge a fee until the case is won.

Gertler Law Firm

The Gertler Law Firm is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based practice assisting clients throughout the metro area with personal injury claims. The firm evaluates each client’s circumstances on a case by case basis, and if settlement seems possible, it will ensure that clients attempt to receive compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other difficulties. Gertler Law Firm also handles mass tort and class action lawsuits, representing a multitude of clients in cases involving widespread negligence.

Jeremy Epstein Law, LLC

Jeremy Epstein Law LLC is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based practice assisting clients with personal injury cases. The firm is most familiar with car accidents, but can serve clients who have experienced a variety of scenarios. It initiates lawsuits that typically attempt to maximize compensation received from liable parties for damages involving medical and career-related expenses. Outside of personal injury services, Jeremy Epstein Law LLC practices family law, handling divorce and child custody disputes.

Law Office of John W Redmann

The Law Office of John W. Redmann operates within the New Orleans, Louisiana, metro area, assisting clients in personal injury cases. It negotiates with liable parties in cases such as car accidents and medical malpractice incidents in order to receive payment for damages including medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. If negotiation is unsuccessful, the firm will pursue arbitration or trial. The Law Office of John W. Redmann also handles mass torts and class action lawsuits.

Loyd J Bourgeois Jr

Loyd J. Bourgeois Attorney at Law is a law firm active throughout the New Orleans, Louisiana, metro area providing representation in lawsuits concerning personal injury. It helps clients experiencing ailments such as traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, or paralysis as a result of incidents caused by negligence to file legal action against liable parties. The firm usually attempts to recover the maximum possible compensation to cover damages including medical expenses, wage replacement, spousal support, and more.

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys is a Metairie, Louisiana-based law firm serving clients throughout the New Orleans metro area. The firm handles personal injury cases, structuring lawsuits that demand damages from liable parties including payment for medical expenses and lost wages. It is familiar with car accidents and a variety of other scenarios, also handling class action lawsuits for defective products. Additionally, this firm consults on maritime injury law and takes workers’ compensation cases.

Roy M. Bowes & Associates

Roy M. Bowes & Associates is a law firm in Gretna, Louisiana providing representation to clients throughout the New Orleans metro area in personal injury cases. The firm oversees every step of litigation, helping clients to gather evidence and expert witnesses in order to collect the highest possible compensation from negligent parties. Most of its clients seek payment for medical expenses and property damage caused by the accident. This firm also provides mediation services for other parties in litigation.

Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki, LLC

Scott, Vicknair, Hair, & Checki LLC is a law firm consulting clients throughout the New Orleans, Louisiana, metro area. Its attorneys handle a wide variety of personal injury cases and they are experienced with maritime law and workplace injuries. The firm also handles class action lawsuits, particularly for dangerous drugs. Usually it aims to recover as much compensation as possible for the client using expert witnesses. Other practice areas include appeals and mediation services.

Stephen D.Hebert, LLC

Stephen D. Hebert LLC is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based law firm serving clients throughout the metro area. It represents clients in personal injury cases, helping them to achieve the highest possible compensation from negligent parties. Car accidents, animal attacks, and slip-and-falls are common scenarios addressed by the practice. This firm is selective in its cases, and its attorneys believe that clients are better served this way. Stephen D. Hebert also handles general civil litigation cases.

Strauss & King

Strauss & King is a law firm serving the New Orleans, Louisiana, metro area. It consults clients on personal injury cases and helps them to pursue restitution for financial losses and physical or emotional suffering caused by negligence. This firm is particularly interested in maritime accidents, and largely assists clients who work at sea with employment-based injury claims and lawsuits against third parties. Strauss & King helps non-seamen with maritime injury law as well and also handles cases involving semitrucks.

The Bowling Law Firm

The Bowling Law Firm serves the New Orleans, Louisiana-metro are, helping clients to pursue legal recourse for personal injuries they have suffered, often in car accidents. Clients injured due to medical malpractice or negligence are of special interest to this firm, as medical malpractice is one of its more prominent focus areas. Most cases center on a monetary award to compensate for financial losses caused by injuries, including restitution for things such as medical bills and lost wags.

The King Firm

The King Firm is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based legal practice assisting clients with personal injury cases by helping them to pursue compensation from negligent parties using litigation. This firm frequently handles cases concerning automobile collisions, police brutality, slip-and-fall accidents, and product liability cases. It will usually attempt to settle with liable parties, often suing when unsuccessful. Its clients typically seek damages for physical injury, property damage, and other financial or psychological hardships. The King Firm also handles mass torts.

The Law Firm Of Hesni & Parrales

The Law Firm of Hesni & Parrales is a Gretna, Louisiana-based practice serving clients throughout the New Orleans metro area. It guides clients toward appropriate legal recourse after they have been severely injured in car or truck accidents, as well as workplace injuries or animals attacks. The firm corresponds with negligent parties to reach the most satisfying possible outcome for clients. Other practice areas include divorce and family law, and succession and probate processes.

The Young Firm

The Young Firm operates within the New Orleans, Louisiana, metro area and handles personal injury cases involving Maritime Law and Jones Act Law. As its clients are primarily seamen and other water-based employees, it regularly assists with lawsuits concerning either violations of either laws or negligent third parties. Many of the firm’s cases involve clients injured on oil rigs and vessels, as well as other fixed platforms and barges. The Young Firm is also willing to assist clients involved in overseas incidents.

Vincent P. Scallan Law, LLC

Vincent P. Scallan Law LLC is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based law firm serving clients within the metro area. It structures lawsuits related to personal injury cases, regularly dealing with scenarios involving car accidents and premises liability. Workers’ compensation assistance is available to clients who experience on-the-job injuries. When amicable settlement is not possible, the firm goes to trial. Vincent P. Scallan Law LLC also offers general motor vehicle accident consultation and criminal and DUI defense representation.

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