Negative Feedback From Clients

By | June 17, 2019

To be a successful law firm, of course, you need to work with lawyers and team-mates who are experts in their field. Besides, it will be useful to select the programs that will provide you with the convenience of your office in the best way.

What’s the point of usefulness? First of all, we will decide what kind of program you want to use and choose the program you will use by doing research. You have chosen your program and started to use your office is doing well, but your business is not increasing, or you are wondering if your clients are satisfied with the service you receive. Then what are you going to do?

One of the most frequently encountered applications in our daily life is the survey. But it is boring to get rid of the boring no longer to say or to finish the results of a randomly completed surveys. I will tell you a little bit of this system application is very simple and accurate results can be reached quickly, success rate is quite high in the industry used by the leading companies is a very effective system. So what is this system?

NPS (Net Pramater Score) This concept, which was translated into Net as Net Adoption Score, was first introduced in 2003 in Harvard Business Revlev and introduced in the article One Number You Need To Crow. So how does it work? A single question is being asked to create an NPS score without technical details in minutes without any complexity. What is the question? “Would you recommend us to people you know?“

Classification according to the planning system is done as follows;

  • 0-6 Badgers
  • 7-8 Passives
  • 9-10 Supporters

How is the calculation done?

(Number of Supporters-Badger Count) / (Number of Response) * 100

Passives are not included in the calculation. The other two groups are rated as – and + and have a score between -100 and +100. So what should the NPS score be? The criteria are changing according to your sector. There’s no trouble unless you’re down to negative.

What are the advantages of NPS?

First of all it is quite simple and fast application. Measurable means that your situation can be measured. Of course, there are disadvantages. According to the NPS results, you cannot know which services are classified by the groups in the classification. Most importantly, if you do not know what to do with the results, this survey will not work for you.

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