Law on Violence Against Physician

By | August 15, 2019

There has been a large increase in violence against physicians and health workers, especially in the media. Physicians may encounter many problems of this nature in the delivery of health services. Personal injury lawyers may be involved in these matters.

Insults and actual attacks are the main ones. With the health transformation project, patients are now able to reach health care more easily, and they are no longer the subject of health service delivery and now they see it as a tool. Confidence and respect for physicians has been decreasing day by day and it continues to show its reflections with violent attempts.

Especially with the implementation of the family medicine system, physicians now visit the patients’ homes and start to provide health services. This has left us uneasy to provide services in a more unprotected area, even in our own working areas.

So what can doctors do in this case. Is it a right for physicians to work in a safe environment? What are the duties falling in this sense to the state? What are the authorities and how can they apply when physicians are exposed to violence? What are the sanctions that can be applied to patients who are violent? In this article we will talk about these issues.

1-) Types of Violence against Physicians

We would like to begin by examining what actions and behaviors towards physicians can be described as violence.

Violence against physicians can be a verbal attack, or a verbal assault. On the other hand, even though there is no actual attack and insult, psychological pressure can be considered as violence against physician. In other words, if the behavior and words of the patient prevent the physician from doing his / her duty without being under pressure, this may be considered as a kind of violence.

In short, these actions; We can describe it as killing, wounding, verbal insults, threat and coercion.

2-) Physicians have the right to work in an environment where their security is provided

Physicians also have the right to perform their duties and to provide services under the conditions of their safety. The right to work under healthy and safe conditions is established by national and international regulations.

From all of these, it can be said that ensuring the security of physicians who provide an important public service such as health is one of the most important duties of the state arising from the laws. While the state is obliged to provide this duty

directly in public hospitals, it is obliged to provide effective safe conditions through indirect intervention for health services provided outside public institutions.

Physicians will be able to apply not only to the violation of their security rights, but also to the institutions and organizations that have their employers in terms of their compensation and sanctions.

3-) Sanctions of Violence against Physicians

In the first section of our article, a number of sanctions have been envisaged in our legislation on the types of violence. Although the penal sanctions are caused by the Law, the relevant physician will be able to claim and sue the damages in the material and moral assets due to the violence it is subjected to within the framework of the Civil Code.

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