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It is the law that is applied against the decisions which have not been finalized yet. Personal injury lawyers can also act effectively in such situations.

Ordinary Laws; Appeal and Decision Correction are remedies.

The Road to Correction was abolished with the entry into force of the appeal law.


  • Extraordinary remedies are a way to go against finalized court decisions.
  • Extraordinary remedies in legal proceedings; Renewal of proceedings (appeal to the benefit of the law).
  • Extraordinary remedies in criminal proceedings; The appeal to the Chief Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals.



The appeal refers to the judgment of the local court and to request the cancellation of a higher court. As a rule of thumb, as a rule, independent judiciary of the first-instance court, the court decision is both material and legal aspects of the control is made. However, no material fact or evidence is made.

In cases related to property, the amount or value specified in the law will have to be taken into account for appeal.

Interim decisions cannot be made as a matter of principle; however, they are evaluated together with the actual provision. As a rule, the duration of application to the appeal is 2 weeks. The period starts with the notification of the first instance court decision to the parties. This period is 10 days in the decisions of the executive court. The period of application for appeal against the decisions of the Labor Courts shall be 8 days from the date of notification if the decision is given against the parties and the final decision is given to the parties.

The petition of appeal is, as a rule, awarded to the first-instance court. The applicant may also apply with another court or personal injury lawyer, in which case the petition will be recorded and sent to the court which made the decision.

The court of first instance, which made the decision, has no authority to make a decision on the appeal application. However, the Court of First Instance shall examine the basis and form of the case for the application to be considered valid. In this context; If an appeal is filed against a final decision which cannot be applied to the appeal or if the application is made after the expiry or if the required fees and expenses are deposited missing, the petition of appeal shall not be accepted from the beginning.

In such cases, the deficiency is given by the 7-day definite time to eliminate this deficiency, otherwise, the application for appeal to the appeals will be deemed to have waived in writing.

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