How to Open the Robbery Case?

By | May 29, 2019

The opening of the case of theft is a legal right against the grievance suffered by the act of theft.

How to open the case of theft and details of the penalties against the act of theft are clearly specified in the Criminal Code. It will be useful to get the legal service to learn the necessary legal rights, prepare the case, collect the qualified evidence and witnesses, and ensure that the case is followed up in a faster time.

What is Robbery?

The crime of theft is defined as the fact that a movable property is taken from the place where the owner is outside his / her consent to obtain economic benefit for himself or someone else. Criminal offenses to be sued;

  • Simple theft crime
  • Qualified theft crime

As divided into categories.

The Case Against Theft?

In the case of theft cases, the plaintiffs who were taken out of their possession on the basis of movable property are opened against the person or persons who committed the crime of theft.

Under Which Terms

In order for theft to be filed, certain conditions must be met to assert that theft was committed:

  • The economic value of the goods that will be the subject of theft,
  • Preservation of possession rights and theft
  • In order to open a case, the elements and conditions are sought.

The Prosecutor’s Office About The Robbery Crime And What Is The Claim?

Applications against the crime of theft are carried out to the police and prosecutors. Upon complaint, the prosecutor’s office conducts an investigation and investigation. In the direction of the evidence of theft crime occurred, will prepare the case with the Criminal Court.

Which Court of theft?

In cases to be opened with simple or qualified theft, the Prosecutor’s Office evaluates the complaint and conducts the necessary research. Personal injury lawyers prepare for the indictment and ask the Criminal Court to be sued.

What is the Scope of Simple Thefts?

Theft of movable goods that are left out in public places outside the private areas of the victim, due to theft crime, is considered to be simple theft.

What is the Scope of Qualified theft?

Theft of movable items in the private areas of the victim, who have to be exposed due to the nature of the work, or because of theft, is considered as a quality theft.

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