How to get Workers Compensation?

By | June 12, 2019

The requirements for obtaining compensation for workers are examined under certain criteria. The type of compensation, which the employers are obliged to pay to their employees, is called the severance pay.

In case of termination of employment contract or termination of employment contract, severance pay is given.

How the worker is paid: it is the compensation paid to employees who are dismissed out of their wages, as much as a salary for each year of employment. To receive severance pay, the employee must complete one year of employment. In addition, another important element is that the employee should be excluded from his / her own choice.

Other circumstances where compensation can be taken are the separation or death of the employee due to marriage.

How to Calculate Employee Severance Pay?

The date on which the worker starts work is very important for calculating the severance pay. During the continuation of the service of the worker, the employer must pay the gross wage of 30 days to the worker for each full one year.

When calculating the severance pay, only stamp duty is deducted. When calculating the severance pay, the amount of the annual rate of change is called the ceiling price.

At this point, the salary is determined by the ceiling price for people who exceed the ceiling fee is earned every year. If, despite the provision of all conditions, the employer does not pay severance pay, the employee is entitled to file a claim for his / her legal right.

How to get compensation for the deceased worker?

The compensation of the deceased worker is taken by the application and demand of the heirs. The heirs have the right to sue.

Resigning Workers can receive severance pay?

The following conditions must be fulfilled in order for the resigning worker to receive severance pay.


  • Military service,
  • Women leaving the job after the marriage within a year,
  • Situations such as death should be in question.
  • In cases of arbitrariness, severance pay cannot be taken.

In order for the workers to be severed from work, to receive severance pay:

  • Heavy working conditions in the workplace and deterioration of the worker’s health,
  • It is imperative for forced resignation in the workplace, mobbing or violence must be proved and documented,
  • If the employee leaves his job voluntarily, he may take severance pay if the employee’s wages are unpaid according to the provisions of the law or the conditions stated in the contracts.

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