Difficulties of lawyers who cannot adapt to digital business world

By | April 11, 2019

Archiving; space, dozens of files, lost documents and mess.

We all need to dedicate amazing time to client files, their classification, security, order to archive as things grow. So much so that even if you devote enough time to the files and many documents can not prevent the lost files. You get rid of real media files, computer environment, you are loading hard disk. Although this makes your work easier, the memory of the hard disk will be filled, lost, and the sorting of files will continue to hurt your head.

  • Difficulties in follow-up when cases are intense.

Litigation is a matter of all lawyers. Each case’s petitions, trial information, minutes, discovery information, results information, proxy, etc. you must keep. Just store it is not enough, you need to reach the file you are looking for without wasting time. Even if you sort them all correctly and in a convenient way, you may have a headache due to outside intervention (such as when an offender removes the document from a different location, tampering, pouring tea, etc.), viruses and other factors that can infect your computer or hard drive.

We know a thing of all this, be patient.

Where is this power of attorney?

The problem we mentioned above puts you in trouble especially in terms of power of attorney. It is always more difficult to store documents that consist of a single page or a few pages. There are exceptions to this, but the preservation of each document poses a separate problem for lawyers.

As in any profession, financial management is the most rigorous issue in law practice.

Salary transactions, income-expense tables, taxes, invoices, collections. Even if you run an accountant with you, it is inevitable that you experience some problems. The simplest problem is about mastering the process. While you are dealing with your cases, you have little time to think about financial issues. In this process, we can follow the healthy follow-up is about your remaining resistance. However, this kind of follow-up via cloud technology allows you to manage your accountant and easily control the income-expense balance, working hours, salary and tax payments.

Is communication a problem?

The problem is if you forgot your promise in a phone call you made. You’re struggling with dozens of mail and phone calls on busy days. You have to unload your mailbox periodically. For this reason, the situation of losing your backward e-mail reveals that in the case of a painful situation in the future, proof of your correspondence will be lost. Phone calls are much more dangerous, they do not even have an environment for a certain period of time. As soon as you hang up, there’s no more records left. You can skip a few important details in many conversations during the day. This increases your stress and your workload while reducing your motivation.

  • Obligations of office workers

During your working hours, you may miss out on what your employee will do. If a non-fulfilling responsibility comes to the agenda, if the person does not accept his responsibility, the person who does the job is going to boil together.

  • Forgotten appointments or Excel Organizer

You may be using the excel organizer to check your appointments. This will make your work easier until a certain point, but as the number of appointments increases and the table gets crowded, you’ll be more likely to forget. Would you like to meet with a technology that notifies you and reminds you of your appointments and also archives all your appointments?

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