Compliance with the Law of Medical Intervention

By | August 1, 2019

Medical interventions are defined as activities performed by physicians for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases. The concept of medical intervention is a wide range of all kinds of interventions, including the elimination of a person’s physical discomfort, prevention of discomfort, and the elimination of a demand for aesthetic.

Physicians intervene in the body integrity of individuals within the scope of medical intervention. Under the Constitution and other laws, touching one’s body integrity is considered to be illegal except in exceptional cases.


And under what conditions will the medical interventions be considered lawful?

  • Better public benefit (For example, vaccination can be done without the consent of individuals to prevent the spread of an epidemic).
  • Special benefit of higher quality (for example, in order to remain within the scope of self-defense, it would be legally acceptable to intervene in the integrity of the third persons.)
  • Use of the competence given by the law
  • The consent of the person who intervenes in the rights of the person
  • Considering the medical interventions mentioned above, there are two reasons that make medical interventions suitable for the law.
  • One of the patient’s consent is the medical intervention on the grounds of superior public interest.


In order for the physicians to comply with the medical interventions they are carrying out, the way they apply most from the application is to obtain the consent of the patient.

However, it is not sufficient to obtain consent only for the purpose of complying with the law; The conditions sought for the consent of the patient to be legally valid;

  • Finding the power of appeal of the patient,
  • The patient’s will is not injured,
  • Consent is to comply with law and morality.

It would be appropriate to examine each one in detail in order to understand all these conditions more clearly.

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